Australia: Indian cook fighting for rights in Australia, did not get salary for 2 years

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Indian Cook In Australia News: A big crime happened with an Indian woman cook in Australia. The woman had gone to Australia to study in 2008, and then started living there. To meet his expenses, he worked in a restaurant there. However, the owner of the restaurant took advantage of his helplessness. He was neither given salary nor leave for more than two years.


According to the report of ABC News, the Indian victim has been identified as Pawanjeet Waris. She used to work in a restaurant in Adelaide, Australia. When he took refuge in the South Australian Employment Tribunal for non-payment of salary, there was hope of justice. However, it is now being told that the woman will have to take separate civil court action to get her unpaid salary and superannuation.


Worked in a restaurant between 2013 and 2015.

The lawyer of the victim Pawanjit told the media that Pawanjit came to Australia from India in 2008 as a student. Where after completing a course in cooking and hospitality management, a person named Kiranbhai Patel got him an offer as a cook in ‘Darshana Curry and Tea House Restaurant’ in May 2013. Pawanjit started working there. However, while working there, Pawanjit did not get salary, overtime, annual leave and no superannuation. This happened for two years.


When Pawanjeet insisted on complaining to the South Australian Employment Tribunal, the owner of the restaurant chased him away. He was threatened to be deported from the country (Australia) for reporting the matter. Pawanjit’s lawyer complained to the South Australian Employment Tribunal, where the restaurant owner initially paid him 4 weeks’ pay in June and July 2013, based on an order. After that, Pawanjeet was asked to pay 30,000 Australian Dollars for the fees required by the Australian Immigration Department and Australian Taxation Office, the owner of the restaurant told Pawanjeet to either pay this amount, or he would cancel his visa. Will give In this way Pawanjeet got into trouble.


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