Bald Head Signs: Men with such fingers are more at risk of becoming bald, are you also in danger?


Hair fall and thinning is as troubling for men as it is for women. Be it a woman or a man, everyone wants beautiful and healthy hair. Hair plays a huge role in your look and personality. This is the reason why no one wants to lose their hair, but due to many reasons including poor lifestyle, food, pollution, diseases, the problem of baldness is increasing in men. Not only this, in today’s time many men are losing their hair at a very young age.


Many researches are being done all over the world to prevent the problem of baldness in men. Why this happens, what are its factors and how it can be stopped, scientists are constantly trying to find a solution.


Baldness linked to fingers?


You will be surprised to know, but a recent research in Taiwan has revealed that men whose index finger is smaller than the ring finger are six times more likely to be bald.


Scientists have found in their research that the extra length of the ring finger of the right hand is related to the pattern of baldness in men.


For this research, scientists analyzed the hands of 240 men over the age of 37 who had a condition called androgenic alopecia called male pattern baldness.


Pattern baldness usually occurs when there is excessive production of the sex hormone dihydrotestosterone, which affects the hair growth cycle.


Researchers in Taiwan believe that the extra length of the fingers may be a sign of excess of this testosterone which shrinks the hair follicles.


“Our study found that the lower the ratio of the second finger to the fourth finger of the right hand, the higher the risk of developing baldness,” says lead researcher Dr Ching-ying Wu from Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan. ‘


Experts say that the big ring finger is associated with the risk of high testosterone hormone in men. Excess of this sex hormone is associated with heart disease, decreased sperm count and autism in men as well as baldness.


What is androgenic alopecia?


Hair loss in men is called Androgenic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness. In this condition, hair follicles start dying slowly due to which there is no growth of new hair. This happens due to the lack of blood vessels (blood vessels) near the hair follicles.


These are the symptoms of male pattern baldness:

If your hair is continuously decreasing and you are feeling baldness, then it is a sign of pattern baldness.

Diffuse thinning can also be a symptom of male pattern baldness. In this, the hair starts getting thinner instead of decreasing.

Thinning of hair on the crown (front part of the head) can also be a symptom of male pattern baldness.


This is the treatment for male pattern baldness.

If you feel that you are going bald, contact the doctor immediately. This can be prevented to a great extent at the same time. There are many medical treatments available for this.


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