Bangriposhi Tourist Spot, Bangriposhi Route detail


Bangriposhi is a sightseeing spot on the way to Baripda and Joshipur. Here nature is lost in its primeval state. This tribal populated township is surrounded by rivers, hills and forests. A mountain range surrounds Bangriposhi like a garland. Buribalam river flows from here. Quiet nature. Shiv Mandir is on the hill near the bus stand. 4 km away is the temple of Jagrat Devi Bangriposhi on the hill. Many say Bandurga. Local people have deep faith that no prayer fails here. Thakurani Hills is a short distance away. Simlipal forest can be visited from here.


Travel – Bangriposi 230 km via Kolkata-Kharagpur-Lodhashuli-Feco-Gopivallabhpur-Hatibari. You can also go by train from Baleshwar. Besides, the train from Baripda to Bangriposhi has been started. It takes 50 minutes to travel 38 km. However, only two trains run on this route.


Accommodation is available at – Hotel Bangrepose, Ph: 9331309512, 2000/- Khori Resort, Ph: 9437877730, 1000/- to 4000/-, Simlepal Resort, Ph: 9437612747, 800/-, cooking is available here if you buy it.


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