Bride and groom recorded video of the honeymoon, accidentally pressed the share button, then…


Suhagrat Ka Video: Everyone knows how useful mobile is, sometimes how dangerous it is. Even though today in the world of technology, mobile has made people’s life very easy, but sometimes a small mistake ruins someone’s whole life. Nowadays everyone keeps doing more than one exploit to go viral on social media, but many times people become viral on social media only because of their misdeeds. Watch today’s video only. This bride and groom recorded the video of honeymoon, but you will be stunned to know what happened after that.


Today’s wedding season is going on. All kinds of funny videos related to bride and groom are seen on social media, but watching today’s video will blow your mind. Actually this video is of honeymoon. It is believed that the couple recorded this video to make their special night memorable, but perhaps by mistake its button was pressed and this video went viral on the Internet.


In this viral video of the bride and groom, you can see that a newly married couple has probably reached their room after the wedding rituals. Both are looking very tired. In this, the bride starts taking off her jewelry in front of the camera. Meanwhile, the groom comes and grabs her from behind and starts helping her. During this, the groom is also romantic with the bride many times. Both of them know about the making of the video or not, but yes both are seen romancing fiercely in this video.


The special thing is that the bride gets so tired while taking off her ornaments that she sits on the chair. After this the groom starts helping her to remove her juda pins. This video of the bride and groom’s romance is creating panic on the internet. The video has been shared from an Instagram account named Aarushi Rahul Official.


Some people are liking the video of the honeymoon of both the couples, while some people are also taunting it. People say that these people do not feel ashamed. Today’s couples are ready to do anything to go viral.


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