Consumption of cashews increases the risk of these three diseases, excessive consumption of these causes harm to the body

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Many chronic diseases can occur due to poor lifestyle and wrong eating habits. If the diet is not controlled in time, there can be many serious problems like blood pressure, kidney problem, the risk of heart disease can increase. Also, keeping blood pressure for a long time can increase the risk of brain hemorrhage and stroke, not only this, if cholesterol is not maintained then the problem of heart attack can increase.


To avoid these diseases, first of all it is very important to maintain your diet. Although eating dry fruits in the diet is considered beneficial, but some dry fruits can give harm instead of benefits. Like high BP, heart disease as well as the problem of blood sugar also starts increasing.


Cashew is a good and energy-rich dryfruit in dryfruits. Eating this gives a lot of benefits to the body. According to experts, protein, vitamins, calcium, iron are found in plenty in cashews. All these nutrients help in keeping the body healthy.


Fiber is found in abundance in cashews. By consuming which the digestive system becomes strong, if 4 to 5 cashew nuts are eaten in a day, then it is beneficial. Eating this also provides relief in problems like constipation and gas. Calcium and magnesium are found in good quantity in cashew, due to which bones also become strong. During a research, it has been found that eating cashew is considered harmful in many diseases.


Cashew is also harmful for heart patients


Heart problems increase due to eating cashew, it is an unhealthy food because it contains high amount of fat which is called triglyceride. Eating 100 grams of cashew increases fat by 47 percent, while 100 grams of cashew contains 12 teaspoons of oil. That is why heart patients should not eat cashews.


Don’t eat cashews even to avoid obesity


Anyone who is overweight should also not eat cashew because cashew contains 18 grams of protein and 553 calories, which is very high. People who are obese should not eat cashew nuts.


Cashews increase the amount of toxins in the body


Cashew works to increase the amount of toxin in the body. Because URIOSHIOL is present in it. If there is such a problem, then minimize the consumption of cashews.


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