Diabetes patient should eat rotis made of these 3 types of flour daily, blood sugar will remain under control

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Diabetes licks the body like a termite, so it is very important to control it. Diabetes patients have to take special care of their diet. Because, in this condition, due to slight carelessness in food, your blood sugar level can increase excessively and health can deteriorate. Diabetes patients include some such foods in their daily diet, so that their blood sugar remains under control (Blood Sugar Control Tips). Generally, people eat bread made from wheat flour only. But, today we are going to tell about some special rotis made of wheat flour for the patients of diabetes, due to which the body gets plenty of fiber (Health Tips) and health remains healthy.


Apart from this, blood sugar also remains normal. So let’s know which flour breads are beneficial for diabetes patients.



This flour manages blood sugar (Flour Manages Blood Sugar Levels)


Amarnath Flour


Diabetes patients must eat amaranth flour. Because the rotis made from this flour are also rich in protein and are also non-gluten. Along with this, excessive amount of fiber is found in this flour, which helps in controlling diabetes. Vitamins, minerals and lipids are also found in this flour. Blood sugar level remains normal by consuming amaranth flour breads.


Jowar Flour


The anti-oxidants, iron, calcium and vitamin B present in jowar controls the blood sugar level and helps in improving digestion. Jowar flour can be consumed not only by making rotis but also by making dosa, idli and upma etc.


Oats Flour


Flour can be prepared by grinding oats. Rotis made from this flour helps in keeping blood sugar normal, due to which the health of diabetic patients remains healthy. Rotis or parathas can be made from this flour. Apart from this, mix green vegetables or grind spinach-mustard leaves and mix them in oats flour and then make rotis. Apart from diabetes patients, other members of the house will also like it very much.


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