Do not consider TTE and TC who check train tickets as one, there is a big difference between the two, remove confusion

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New Delhi. While traveling in the train, some passengers are often afraid of TTE or TC because their job is to check tickets and impose fines on passengers traveling without tickets. Some people call this railway officer by the name of TT or TC and they think that these two are same but it is not so. TTE and TC both are different posts and their rights are also different.


The basic work of both TTE and TC is to check tickets but there is a big difference in the methods. If you have been thinking till now that TTE and TC are one and the same, then remove this thing from your mind. Let us tell you what is the difference between these two officers?


TTE i.e. Travel Ticket Examiner, who comes inside the train, this railway employee checks the tickets of passengers from premium train to mail express trains. The basic job of TTE is to identify the traveling passengers, check ID and seat related information. He is always seen wearing black shorts and TTE is clearly written on the badge on his shorts. All the activities of TTE take place inside the train.


TC who interrupts for tickets at the station

Like TTE, the work of TC is also to do ticket checker but there is a difference in rights. While TTEs check tickets inside the train, they check tickets on the TC (Ticket Collector) platform. TC i.e. Ticket Collector is found checking tickets on most platforms and many times they check tickets standing at the gate of the station.


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The role and authority of both TTE and TC are different. At the same time, according to the rules, TTE cannot bother passengers to show tickets late at night in the train. TTE has to check tickets before a fixed time.


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