Father saw daughter’s video with boyfriend on Instagram, shot in anger, mother also died when she came to save


In Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh, a father shot his daughter with his licensed gun in a fit of rage after seeing a video of his daughter with her boyfriend on Instagram. The mother who came to the rescue also got shot due to which sensation has spread in the area due to the death of both mother and daughter in the accident. The matter pertains to Simardaha village of Bahilpurwa police station area. Khushi Tripathi, daughter of a person named Nand Kishore Tripathi, was living in her Nanihal Marachandra village. That’s why she had a love affair with a young man named Pankaj Yadav there.


Khushi Tripathi had come to her house on the occasion of Holi. Meanwhile, her father saw a video of his daughter Khushi Tripathi with a young man on Instagram. After which, in a fit of rage, his father started shooting his daughter with his licensed gun, when Khushi’s mother came forward to intervene, the first bullet hit his wife and the second bullet hit her daughter. The mother died on the spot and people took the daughter to the hospital for treatment where doctors declared her dead on sight.



Both mother and daughter died in the incident.

Both mother and daughter have died in this incident. At the same time, after the incident, the accused has fled from the spot. After the information, the police reached the spot, took the dead body in possession and sent it for postmortem and started investigating the matter.


On the other hand, in this case, Additional Superintendent of Police Chakrapani Tripathi says that due to family discord, Nand Kishore Tripathi shot his wife and his daughter, due to which both of them died. The case is being investigated. Three police teams have been deployed to nab the accused father. Soon the accused will be caught. What is being said about watching the video on Instagram is being investigated, action will be taken on whatever evidence comes to the fore.


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