Financial planning will be done like this, even in the worst of times, you will not have to spread your hand in front of anyone!


New Delhi. Everything cannot be bought with money, but if we have financial security then many worries go away. Because everyone wants that he should never have money problems. But for this it is necessary that your income should be managed properly. For this you need to improve your financial planning.


If you do your financial planning properly from now, then you can save yourself from many troubles in future. Today we are giving you some tips for better personal finance. By adopting these, you will be able to invest your savings at the right place. On the other hand, in case of need of funds in emergency, you will not have to spread your hand in front of anyone.


Invest in insurance policies


You must invest in life and health insurance policies for yourself and for all your family members. Life insurance can be of great help to you and your dependents in case something untoward happens to you. For this, it is better to buy an insurance policy from an early age. Because in this case you have to pay less premium. At the same time, health insurance helps to cover you for treatment in the event of a sudden serious illness.


Always keep emergency fund ready


You should always keep such a fund which you can use in case of emergency. This can save you from getting buried under the burden of debt. The easiest way for this is that you keep putting some money every month for emergency fund in one of your bank accounts. You can withdraw that money anytime if needed. You can open this account in any bank whose interest rate on savings account is high. On the other hand, if you have got an FD done, then you can start the auto sweep facility in the savings account. With this, you will also get more interest on the money deposited in your account.


Take loan as little as possible


Whenever you need money, instead of taking loan every time to meet it, first consider other options. If funds can be managed in any other way, then you should avoid taking a loan because you have to pay interest on the loan for a long time, which is not beneficial from anywhere. At present, easy availability of credit cards, facilities like Buy Now Pay Later etc. have made people more spendthrift. Many times it is also seen that people take personal loan to meet car loan, home loan or other needs. You should try to stay away from it.


Learn to make money from money


instead of keeping the money you save from your income, invest it in such a place where your money will not sink and you will also get good returns. For this, you can choose options like mutual funds or share market. In the long term, you can get better returns from the stock market. At the same time, in the stock market, you get more returns than bank FD and RD. However, before investing in the stock market, you should do a good research about it. For this, you can take the help of professional financial advisors.


Start Retirement Planning From Now There


is a dialogue in a movie that after retirement your money is the biggest power. That’s why you should start planning for retirement from now. If you are employed and have a PF account, then you can increase the contribution through Voluntary Provident Fund. If you do not have a PF account, there are many options like Recurring Deposit, PPF, ELSS, by investing in which you can create a good fund for retirement. In this way, even if you plan to retire early, you will have a good fund as security


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