Govt Doctor Fees: 15 days free for seeing doctors in private clinics-hospitals on payment of one time fee, guidelines issued

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The Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission has a major decision on doctors’ fees. Once a fee has been charged for seeing a patient, the doctors will not be able to charge any more for showing the report for the next 15 days. Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission has issued guidelines in this regard.


Along with the monitoring of medical services in government hospitals, the regulatory commission has fixed the rules for taking fees of doctors in private sector as well. Until now, if the doctors charged a fixed fee to the patient instead of a single examination, usually the consultation fee was not charged for the next seven days to show the report. Sometimes the patient is examined a second time within seven days for half the consultation fee. Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission brought big changes in that rule.


As per the guidelines issued by the commission, doctors, be it private clinics or nursing homes or hospitals, after seeing a patient for one charge, report or examine the patient for the next 15 days without any fee.

Many patients will benefit from this. Generally, middle class families do not go for a second check-up due to the fear of cost after one visit. If there is a problem in this case, a second consultation with the doctor can be taken free of charge within 15 days.


It should be noted that currently the state is experiencing an increase in fever and respiratory problems. Among them are pneumonia and adenovirus outbreaks in children. In view of this infection, the health department has canceled the leave of principals, supers, assistants and deputy supers and paediatrics and critical care specialists of all government medical colleges and other hospitals in the state.


At the same time, the leave of all government employees engaged in medical services and Chief and Deputy Chief Health Officers of all districts has also been canceled for the time being.


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