How to Start Fish Farming: How to start fish farming business?


Fish farming is called fish farming in Hindi and many people also call this type of business as fisheries. At present, people consume fish not only because it is delicious, but because of its many health benefits, it is also consumed in abundance. Fish is used as a major source of proten, so its sale continues in every area, whether rural or urban.


By the way, the fish related demand of the people can be fulfilled at the local level only through the local rivers available in that area. But in spite of all this, a majority of people try to fulfill their fish related needs even by doing fish farming commercially. Since there is still a huge shortage of fish ponds in India, the fulfillment of fish requirements is mostly dependent on rivers and seas.


Although it has also been seen that many people do fish farming only for their hobby and also to meet their protein requirements. But they produce only according to their and their family’s fish related requirements, so they cannot be included in the commercial category. But in spite of all this, fish farming plays an important role in India’s total gross product.


And with fisheries accounting for almost a quarter of the total share of agricultural products in GDP, it has become a very important economic activity for the Indian economy. Talking about a reliable figure, more than 60% of the people of India like fish very much in food and 60% of a populous country like India is about 78 crores.


Which means that about 78 crore people in India like to eat fish very much. That’s why it is difficult to fulfill the fish demand of such a large population only through rivers and seas. That’s why any Indian can take advantage of this opportunity by starting Fish Farming Business.


Benefits of Fish Farming:

By the way, there are not one but many advantages of starting Fish Farming commercially in India. And the biggest advantage is that there is a huge number of people who like fish here. The list of some other such major advantages is as follows.


Since the number of fish lovers in India is more than 60%, there is immense potential in fish farming to meet such a huge demand.

Protein is found in abundance in fish, that’s why many people are asked to consume fish even by doctors.

Nature has made India better with many rivers, drains, lakes and other water sources, so the entrepreneur can start Fish Farming Business near any water source.

The climate and environment of our country India is favorable for fish farming, so the risk in doing this type of business is greatly reduced.

However, to make this type of business successful, selecting the species of fish is a very complicated process. But many species and subspecies of fish are found in India. Entrepreneur can choose any of these species which grow quickly for fish farming.

Such farmers who are already doing agriculture work and other farming like dairy, goat farming etc. They can also do this type of business as agricultural laborers are available in rural areas at very cheap rates.

Such people who are doing any other work or even any job, they can also take out time and start Fish Farming Business. But for this it is very important for them to have suitable land and laborers.

This is a business related to agriculture, so the Government of India encourages such businesses under various schemes to promote employment and entrepreneurship in rural areas. Under many schemes, subsidy is also given on the loan taken for this type of business.

How to Start Fish Farming

Although many people find it an easy task to start this work called fish farming. But the truth is that it is a very complex task because there are many such tasks involved. It is better to start those only after a lot of thought and deep research. It is also very important to make it clear here that this work called Fish Farming is definitely complicated or difficult.


But if it is started with proper technology and research, then the difficulties coming in it can probably be easily fought. It is meant to say that when a person has thought of starting fish farming, instead of being afraid of the problems coming in it, he should consider ways to face them. And if possible, the entrepreneur who starts Fish Farming Business should Must be trained for this. Training on fisheries is also provided by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research .


1. Construct Fish Pond

As we all are well aware that for fish farming we need to store water. So that we can start fish farming by sowing fish seeds in that water. That’s why the most important infrastructure for this type of business is the pond itself. Keep in mind that if we want to start commercial fish farming, we cannot start it without a pond. For fish farming in India, the entrepreneur can use the already existing pond or one can also construct a new pond.


And the entrepreneur can do this work in any type of pond, both seasonal or permanent. A seasonal pond is one that depends on rain water, whereas a permanent pond depends on a source of water that is available for twelve months of the year. But keep in mind that only such fish should be reared in seasonal ponds, which grow very fast.


Before putting seeds etc. in the fish pond, it should be cleaned by equipping it with well prepared fertilizers etc. and it should also be inspected that there is no leakage from the pond. To test the leakage, fill the pond with water and leave it for three to four days and when the water does not decrease from the pond, then only put fish seeds in it.


2. Select Fish Species

Although India’s climate is considered favorable for all types of fish farming. But despite this, the entrepreneur doing Fish Farming Business has to choose the breed of fish by considering many things like fish produced in that area and environment, local demand etc. And plays an important role in profit.


Therefore, while doing this work, without being careless at all, the breed should be selected only after proper research and analysis. By the way, the entrepreneur should always choose such a breed which can be easily produced in that area and demand, natural facilities, water, resources, etc. are available there in abundance for them.


Katla, Rui, Grass Carp, Silver Carp, Common Carp, Tilapia, Koi, Shrimp, different types of catfish etc. can be reared in fresh water ponds. For proper use of water and pond resources, if the entrepreneur wants, he can produce many fish breeds in the same pond and for quality fish seed, the entrepreneur should contact the fisheries department or the fish breeders.


3. Feed Arrangement for Fish

Although the entrepreneur has to prepare the pond in such a way that the fishes get food even inside the pond. But apart from inner feed, fishes also need outer feed. Keep in mind that good quality fish food is helpful in the rapid growth of fish. And most of the farmers or entrepreneurs of India, who are associated with fish farming, consider only the internal food produced in the pond to be suitable for the fishes.


But if the entrepreneur wants to do commercial production of fishes then only inner food is not sufficient for the fishes and the entrepreneur has to provide nutritious and high quality outer food also to the fishes.


4. Care and Management of Fish Farming

An entrepreneur doing fish farming business has to keep the environment of the pond favorable to the fishes. But along with this nutritious and quality food also has to be fed to the fishes. But apart from all this, proper management and care of fishes also have to be done. Especially when the fishes continue to grow, they need special care, so the entrepreneur should test the PH level of the pond water regularly.


According to a figure, the ideal PH level for fish farming is 7-8. Apart from this, the entrepreneur has to ensure the safety of the fish in the fish pond from various predators like herons and other birds that harm them. And against the diseases of fish also the entrepreneur will need to take necessary steps. As it is said about diseases that prevention is better than cure, so the entrepreneur should manage and care for the fish in such a way that there is no adverse effect on their health.


5. Marketing (Promote your Fish Farming)

However, the products produced from Fish Farming Business ie fish can be easily sold anywhere even in the local market. But if the production capacity of the entrepreneur is more than the demand of fish available in that particular area, then the entrepreneur may need an effective marketing plan. Because until the entrepreneur does not know where and to whom he will sell his produced product, then even the desire for good production will not awaken in him.


But we would like to tell such people that fish can be easily sold anywhere in India at reasonable prices. And even today most of the fish farming farmers sell their produce easily in the local markets. But there is a huge demand for Indian fish in the international markets as well. Therefore, if the entrepreneur wishes, he can also export his product to foreign countries. But in the initial phase, it is appropriate to sell fish in the local markets only according to the budget etc.


Fish farming in India is a business that will probably never disappear because with the increase in population, the demand for fish has also increased continuously. Therefore, it can become a great means of entrepreneurship and earning in rural areas.


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