Indian Railway: Railway is giving this service for free, people can take advantage secretly! learn fast

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Train Ticket: The rail network in India is very large. Everyday lakhs of passengers travel through railways. On the other hand, people have a lot of preference for trains for long distance easy travel. Many free services are also being provided by the Railways. If the passengers wish, they can also take advantage of these free services provided by the Railways. Let’s know about the free service of railways, which people can take advantage of.


Railway Service

Actually, free WiFi service is being given to the people by the Railways. Passengers can use free WiFi at the railway station. Whenever passengers go to the railway station, passengers can use free WiFi there. Through the passengers, the facility of free WiFi can be availed in their mobile.


Free WiFi

Indian Railways has started providing free WiFi service at more than 6100 stations on various platforms in India. This initiative was first started in the year 2016 at Mumbai Railway Station. Rural India consumes the most data. Hence, WiFi facility can help rural people to access internet across the country for free.


Internet facility

There are about 5000 stations in rural areas in our country. These regions include all the North Eastern states with 15 stations present in the Kashmir Valley. It is an add-on to the country’s Digital India programme, where the project is set to provide accessible Wi-Fi internet facilities at several railway stations. With this, India is on course to become the world’s largest and fastest public internet provider for its public at railway stations.


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