Money Plant Tips: Tie this one thing in the plant of money plant, then see the miracle; money will rain


Money Plant Vastu Tips: The more beautiful the money plant plant is in appearance, the more auspicious it is considered in Vastu Shastra. It is often used by people for home decoration, but it also has many miraculous properties. This plant brings good luck in the house. It removes negativity from the house and brings happiness, prosperity and blessings to the house. In Vastu Shastra, some measures have been given regarding the money plant. By doing these, the money plant plant starts giving auspicious results at the speed of a rocket.


red ribbon


If a money plant is kept in the house, then tie a red colored ribbon or silk thread to it. By doing this, there is rapid growth in career. Chances of gaining money increase and there is a rapid increase in respect and prestige in the society.




Always plant money plant in the south direction of the house. By doing this, you get fast results. Money plant should be planted in an earthen pot or a green colored glass bottle. By doing this, the doors of success start opening.




If the money plant is growing, then lift it upwards by supporting it with anything. If the vine of the money plant goes upwards, progress is achieved. Do not let it spread on the ground even by mistake. Mother Lakshmi is pleased by pouring water mixed with raw milk in the money plant on Fridays.


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