Never eat these 4 things with milk, there can be many damages to the body


Most people would be aware of how beneficial milk is for health. Milk not only serves to fill the stomach, but it also makes it easy to get many such nutrients, which the body needs. Many people try to run away from milk. While some people drink it with wrong things. Milk may provide many benefits to the body, but if you consume it with wrong food items, then its disadvantages can also be seen.


Milk is a healthy drink. But you should know that consuming it with what things can prove to be harmful. Here we are going to mention some such foods, with which you should especially avoid drinking milk.


1. Protein food items


It is believed that milk and protein should never be taken together. This is because it can make your stomach heavy and cause weight gain. Eating protein food and milk together can cause heaviness in the body and problems related to digestion. But it can also benefit those people, who want to increase and strengthen muscles in their old age.


2. Fish and Meat


Eating fish with milk should also be especially avoided. Because the effects of meat and fish are hot. While the effect of milk is cold. When we consume these two together, it can cause chemical imbalance in the body, which can lead to deterioration of health. A nutritionist told that the consumption of two protein-rich things together should be avoided. Because milk is also rich in protein, therefore you should not eat fish and meat with milk.


3. Citrus Food


You know that lemon juice is often added to milk to curdle the milk and make paneer. As mixing lemon in milk has such an effect, then imagine what the condition of such citrus food would be doing to your stomach. Experts warn that acidic, citrus and vitamin C food items should not be consumed with milk.


4. Do not eat these fruits with milk


The method of making juice by mixing fruits with milk is very old. However, experts warn that not all fruits should be mixed with milk. You may find it a bit strange to hear, but shakes are not beneficial for health. Milk is an animal protein, so mixing it with certain fruits can cause digestive problems and acidity. Banana and milk are also not the right mix, as they can cause cough and cold. Safe fruits to be taken with milk are mangoes, dates, avocados and figs.


Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert.


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