Side Effects of Bath at Night: Know important thing before taking bath at night, otherwise day will pass in the hospital!


Side Effects of Bath at Night: Aristotle says, ‘A healthy mind is formed in a healthy body’ but the body is healthy only when it is clean. Diseases do not dominate a clean body quickly and we remain healthy. Sweating is more in the summer season. In such a situation, when people reach home in the evening after work, they start bathing at night to remove the smell of fatigue and sweat. Many people remain confused about whether it is right to take a bath at night or not. Today we are going to remove this confusion of yours.


What do experts say?


1. Some people think that bathing at night is beneficial for the body, but the advice of health experts is exactly the opposite. Health experts advise not to take bath late at night. They say that the temperature is cold at night, in such a time there is a risk of cold and cold while taking a bath.


2. When you sit down to take a bath because of the cold in the night, then the chances of getting fever increase. If you take a bath with hot water at night, then due to temperature difference, symptoms like fever are felt.


3. Bathing at night can disturb the body’s metabolism, which can cause problems in digestion. If your metabolism is bad, then there is a problem in the secretion of hormones in the body.


4. Doctors say that bathing at night should always be avoided, because it causes muscle pain and also causes chest pain. Sometimes a heaviness is felt in the head after taking a bath at night.


5. Bathing late at night can cause pain in the joints of the body, which can increase your difficulty. Bathing late at night also causes muscle cramps.


6. Health experts say that instead of taking a bath late in the night, the body should be wiped with a wet cloth, it is better and the chances of getting ill are reduced. Lotion can be used on the body after bath at night.


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