Simlipal National Park: Cost Only 3000, Travel Simlipal Forest in just 3 days

Simlipal National ParkSimlipal National Park
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Simlipal National Park: Simlipal forest in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district, the colorful nature shows all its forms. Covering an area of ​​2750 sq km, the Simlipal forest is surrounded by granite rock hills, flowing Mahanadi, which creates a wonderful environment. It was recognized as a National Park in 1972, which is India’s largest in area. The core area of ​​this forest is 845 sq km. In 1983, the Tiger Project was developed covering an area of ​​117 square km. 119 leopards and 99 tigers were found in tiger census in 2000. Filled with plants like Champa, Kadam, Orchid, Lily, Shall, this forest is a paradise for nature lovers. Elephants, hyenas, bears, four-horned antelopes, 82 species of orchids and 231 species of birds can be found here. In the month of May-June, there is a fair of colorful flowers in the forest. That wonderful scene will never be forgotten.

Apart from the Mahanadi, several small rivers flow through the heart of Simlipal—Khairi Bhandan, Paschimdeo, Salandi, Purbadeo, Sanjo, Palpala, Buribalam. And there is Barehipani, the largest waterfall in Odisha — the beauty of the falls falling from a height of 1300 feet is unmatched. And there is a 500 feet high Joranda waterfall.

Because of Simlipal’s vast size, wildlife viewing is not easy. Wild dogs, herds of elephants, deer, deer, flying squirrels jumping from tree to tree suddenly come into view. Simlipal is not ideal for those who come just to see the animals, but those who love thrills, enjoy it with two eyes. For the immense beauty of forest nature, Simlipal is unmatched.

Transportation—Simlipal has two entrances. One via Pithabota (22 km from Baripada) checkpost east of the national park and the other via Joshipur (94 km from Baripada) towards the west. Baripada is directly connected to Calcutta by rail, but the travel time is inconvenient with only one train. 18007 Intercity X, three days a week (Mon-Tues-Wed) leaves Shalimar at 18.35 pm and reaches Baripda via Khargapur-Rupsa at 23.40 pm. Return Time (Tues-Wed-Thu) departs Baripda at 03.55 AM and reaches Shalimar at 09.20 AM. Besides, Baripda, 52 km away, can also be reached by changing trains at Rupsa on the Khargapur-Balaso railway. Three pairs of DMU trains run on this route. Daily trains reach Balasore, take a bus to Baripda, a distance of 60 km. Baripda 230 km, Joshipur 280 km, Simlipal 291 km along NH-6 from Kolkata. Odisha government bus leaves Babughat in the morning and reaches Joshipur in 6 hours, night bus also departs from Chandaneshwar and Digha border every half an hour.

simlipal national park safari cost: Simlipan jungle can be explored by hiring a jeep from Joshipur or Baripda. Permit mail from Joshipur and Pithabata forest department office. The forest department has 13 seater buses for jungle tours, which leave Joshipur and travel one by one to Gurguria-Uski-Zoranda-Barehipani-Chahala-Tulsibani and return to Joshipur. Fare 6000/-, Contact: Ph: (06792) 252593. For jungle trekking permit Contact: Field Director, Similipal Tiger Reserve, Ph (06792)252593, Fax: 256705. For any tourism assistance Contact: Baripada — Ph: (06792) 259126, Fax: (06792) 256705 & Joshipur — Ph (06797) 232474/512, The forest is usually open from November to 15th June, but some years the forest opens earlier for tourists during the Puja season. Malaria is very common in Simlipal, so it is important to take precautions.

simlipal national park resort: There are forest department bungalows/rest houses/villas and huts for accommodation at Chahla, Nawana, Ramtirth, Zoranda, Barechpani, Badam Pahar, Joshipur, Januani, Gurguria. Altogether more than a hundred tourists have overnight accommodation in these forest bungalows. Room rent 800/- to 1300/-. For booking two months in advance contact: Field Director. Simlipal Tiger Reserve Forest, Bhajanpur, Baripada 757002, Ph: (06792) 252593, 256705; D.F.O.. Baripada, Ph: (06796) 220226. Deputy Director, Similipal Tiger Reserve, Baripada, Ph (06792) 259126 But currently the forest bungalows at Ramtirtha and Gurguri are privately managed.


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