Snoring can be dangerous, why does snoring come and how to get rid of it

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Snoring while sleeping is normal. This happens with a lot of people. The one who snores does not realize it, but due to these snoring often the sleep of the people around gets disturbed. Many times, due to excessive and fast snoring, they become a problem for the people. There can be different reasons for snoring. People often associate it with tiredness and stuffy nose. Some people snore also because of stress. But in the long run this problem can cause major diseases.


So many people snore in India


According to research, 20 percent of people in India snore regularly and 40 percent snore occasionally.


People try many remedies and tricks to get rid of snoring, but doctors of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) recommend some light bedtime exercises to get rid of this problem. Indian-origin British doctor Karan Raj says that there are some simple exercises of the tongue that can get rid of the problem of snoring.


In one of his Instagram posts, Dr. Karan Raj has given very easy exercises ranging from taking out the tongue, moving it from one side to the other and touching the top of your mouth.


1. Take out your tongue for five seconds and keep it in that position.


Dr. Raj told in his post that the first exercise to reduce snoring is in which you have to stick out your tongue for five seconds and leave it in that position for some time. He advised repeating this exercise three or four times to reduce snoring.


Also, he said that if you have difficulty in doing so, then you can support the tongue with the help of a spoon. Push your tongue out as far as possible without feeling pressure. The purpose of this exercise is to improve strength and make the muscles flexible. Keep the tongue out for five seconds and then take your tongue back inside the mouth. Do this three to four times.


Dr. Raj said that these exercises are related to increasing the strength and balance of the muscles of your tongue and throat. With these exercises, the muscles will come in balance and they will not flutter while sleeping. Due to the strengthening of the muscles of the throat and tongue, you will feel refreshed and the problem of snoring will also go away.


2.Move your tongue left and right


He told that in this exercise you have to move your tongue inside your mouth from one side to the other. Just like exercising makes your body tight, in the same way, these exercises will make the muscles of your throat and mouth tight, which will remove the problem of your snoring.


3. Place your fingers on your cheeks and force them with your tongue


The NHS surgeon told that place your fingers on the outside of the cheeks and push your tongue through the cheeks to their opposite side. Do this three to four times at short intervals. The more regularly you practice this, the sooner your snoring problem will go away.


4. Bring your tongue down and hold it for five seconds


Dr. Raj told that in this exercise you have to bring your tongue down and keep it there for five seconds. This exercise will strengthen the muscles at the back of your throat.


NHS surgeon Dr Karan Raj often shares such videos. He is followed by 50 lakh people on Tiktok. Four lakh people have seen this video of his so far.


snoring can be dangerous


The problem of snoring can turn into sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be fatal. Blood pressure increases due to snoring, due to which the risk of heart attack also increases. Apart from this, a person can become a victim of many more serious diseases due to snoring.


Reasons and remedies for snoring

Drinking too much alcohol, being overweight, smoking, sleeping on the back also causes the problem of snoring. Apart from this, conditions like sleep apnea are also the cause of snoring.


Snoring also occurs due to lack of oxygen in the lungs. If this problem is not treated for a long time, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease can occur.


Common treatments for snoring include weight loss, changing sleeping position, use of a CPAP machine (constant pressure air pump). The CPAP machine creates pressure on the air going into the lungs. This pressure prevents the wind-pipe from collapsing during deep sleep and this helps the person to breathe.


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