Tigress ST-30 from Ranthambore made its territory in Sariska, Sariska started coming near


Alwar. These days some special and unique sightings of Tigers have been seen in Alwar’s Sariska. By the way, in the midst of the increasing number of tigers, there has been a struggle between the tigers regarding their territory. But even after the increase in the number of tigers in the Sariska Tiger Reserve of Alwar district, there is not much fighting over the area.


Sariska forest is spread over a very large area. The tigress, who came a few months ago from Ranthambore, has easily made her territory in the forest of ST-30. Now ST 30 has started coming to Bhagni’s jungle raas. In a way, it can also be said that this is a safe area for the Tigress ST 30.



Even after the increase in the number of tigers in Sariska, there was no visible conflict over the territory for a long time. Talking about the conflict of the last tiger, there was a conflict between the tiger ST-4 and ST-6 in the past, in which both the tigers were seriously injured, later the tiger ST-4 died during treatment in the enclosure. Had also happened.


Every tiger makes its own territory.


These days the number of cubs has reached 6 in Sariska. Many of these cubs are more than two years old. In such a situation, two cubs of tigress ST-19 are roaming in Bala Qila area of ​​Alwar buffer range only. These cubs are busy in search of their new territory. Last days, during Navratri, these cubs enthralled the devotees by roaming near the Pratapbandh forest outpost. Due to tigers coming in the middle of the road, the way to the temple had to be closed. Many times tigers were also seen drinking water at the water hole. Bala Qila is also seen roaming in the buffer range.


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