Why police in India wear khaki, why is the uniform of Kolkata Police white? Learn what is the importance of colors


Many people have a dream to join the police, but for many it remains just a dream. From Amitabh Bachchan to Ranveer Singh, like big actors, they are desperate to play the role of a policeman in films. For this reason, if you notice, almost every big actor has been seen in police uniform at one time or the other. There is a special thing in Khaki uniform, people who are eager to wear it, but do you know why the police uniform in the states of India is only of Khaki color (Why police uniform is Khaki)? The name of a film showing the power of khaki was also khaki, but you hardly know where the color of khaki came from!


The police is identified with the color khaki, but how this color was chosen, there is a big history behind it too. When the British came to India, they decided to make the uniform of the police department white (Why Kolkata police uniform white). It looked good in appearance, but a major problem with the white color was that it used to get dirty very quickly. In such a situation, wearing a dirty uniform was considered indiscipline. Because of this the British officers started dyeing their uniforms.



Why is the police uniform of khaki colour?



At that time, tea leaves were used to dye, due to which the color of the uniform became light yellow to brown. When the Governor General of the Northwest Frontier saw a soldier wearing a khaki suit in 1847, he chose khaki as the color for police uniforms. Just since then the uniform of the police started becoming khaki. Now if policemen in every state of India wear khaki, then why does Kolkata Police wear white uniform?


Why is the uniform of Kolkata Police white?


Police of other districts of Bengal also wear khaki colour, but Kolkata police is the only one who wears white clothes. Let us also tell you the reason for this. Actually, Kolkata Police and Bengal Police are different. In 1861, there was a system of Kolkata Police, different from the state police formed according to the rules made during the British Raj, which was applicable only to the city. In such a situation, the dress of Calcutta Police was kept separate for its special identity. Kolkata Police still follows the old dress code of the British era. It has also been claimed in many reports that Calcutta has a lot of heat, because of this, having white uniforms gives a lot of comfort to the personnel.


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